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Meet Allison

Allison Pynn is an expert in the makeup industry. She styles hair & makeup for some of the world’s biggest entertainers, athletes & musicians, but her talent doesn’t stop there…she is also a painter. Allison received art scholarships & was once an accomplished muralist. Her art background has set her apart from most makeup artists…Allison has a deep understanding of color theory & has a level of creativity that surpasses most of her peers. She is a perfectionist, meticulous down to the last detail & takes great pride in all of her work, as does any true artist.

Allison grew up on a farm in rural, Indiana. She ran around corn fields, digging up worms…but always with lip gloss on. She’d beg to do makeup & hair on anyone that would sit down for her…”I always watched women growing up, studied what I thought made them beautiful- what I thought worked for them/what didn’t & think- if that woman just tweaked ‘this or that’, she’d look amazing!” Makeup & hair styling was just a side passion for Allison though, she didn’t believe she’d make a career out of something so fun & girly! She entered college majoring in technical graphics with the aspirations of being an animator for Disney. After years studying art & being commisioned to design murals, she continued to do makeup & hair…but just for fun. In her early twenties, Allison reached a cross-roads…she received some encouragement to do makeup full-time & a light went on- “Once I realized I would make a career out of this passion of mine, the idea of not succeeding was NEVER an option.” Its taken a lot of work, prayers & earning her dues, but Allison is a hard worker & has learned everything just by DOING. She is 100% self-taught & her most valuable “makeup lessons” were taught in art classes. “By taking art classes, you learn how to blend, shade, manipulate products, color theory…everything needed to do beautiful makeup work!”

After a day on set she clocks in as “wife + mom” & her other life kicks in…football practice, cooking, errands with whining children in the back seat, REAL LIFE! Allison also has a great sense of humor & is very down to earth (thanks to growing up on a farm!). “I love connecting with the person in my chair. I love sharing stories, laughing, etc…sometimes makeup goes beyond making someone beautiful on the outside, I love helping people FEEL like a million bucks on the inside!”

Allison also enjoys being on the other side of the camera! She’s filmed makeup “How To’s” with the industy’s leading beauty/entertainment/parenting websites & enjoys being apart of TV makeovers. Allison loves this industry & is looking forward to a long, successful career…one face at a time!