Secret Tips for Making your Lips Look Fuller

Jun 20th, 2009 // In: Technique/How-to // By: Comments 0

Lip plumpers are still coming along! There are a few brands that actually work. Aside from adding a lip plumper first, here a few tips for a full, pouty lip!

1. Start with your lip liner (creamy liners are best). Lightly outline your lips and then fill in.

2. Take your lipstick or lip gloss and apply as usual.

3. Now go back with your lip liner and outline, slightly exaggerating the lowest part of your bottom lip and the very top of your upper lip (do not exaggerate the sides or inner corners of your lips).

4. For an added effect, dab a spot of lighter color (at least 2 shades lighter than the lip color you’re wearing) in the center of your lower and upper lips. Slightly blend the lighter color in, keeping it in the center most part of the lip. This will also give more dimension to your lips, making them appear fuller!

Remember: Do not use a lip liner shade that is darker than your lipstick/lip gloss color! Try to match them as closely as possible!!

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