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red apple

Ever heard of Gluten-free makeup?? Its here! Red Apple Lipstick is a top-notch gluten/paraben free makeup line that is gathering notoriety FAST! Its being featured in the country’s leading magazines & I was lucky enough to get to review it. Right now they carry lipsticks, lip liners, glosses, eyeshadows & lip balms/exfoliators.


When picking a product apart, I look for…


– Longevity

– Color Tone/Oxidation

– Texture

– Scent

– Taste

– Chemical ingredients

– Do I feel PRETTY?


Let’s face it, it seems every time a beauty product comes along saying its “healthy”, its code for: Its good for you, but its useless & doesn’t work!  …NOT the case with Red Apple. Each of my checklists were met with A+’s! I was thrilled with the color tones too. Many companies that have great products fall short in the color category= Red Apple gets it right! And it has all the feel-good ingredients that we’re all looking for these days to be healthy as we kick harmful chemicals to the side. 


My favorite products are their lipsticks/lip liners. The liners are waterproof & they aren’t kidding! Lipsticks stay on for hours, they’re creamy & wear beautifully. Every client I’ve used these products on are thrilled with the longevity & colors. I also LOVE that I finally have products I can offer to gluten-allergic clients.


All around= A+ products!

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