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my productsThese are my #1 go-to products night & day!

I’m literally obsessed with skin care products. I hate wrinkles & refuse to accept them in my life. The amount of products I use may be obnoxious, & there are a lot of them…BUT THEY WORK!

1. Clarisonic (2 x’s/day). I used to breakout every month all over my chin & along my jawline. This tool reduced my breakouts 99.99%. Its epic if I get a zit now & if I do, its a tiny one & gone within 1 day. Clarisonic gave me new skin & changed my life.
2. Image- Ageless total facial cleanser (helps dissolve blackheads) & cleans like no other face wash can.
3. Amore Pacific Time Response Eye Renewal eye crèmethe luxurious GOLD line!! The ONLY eye crème that actually plumps out fine lines & packs them with anti-aging magic. If I was on a deserted island, I would debate between taking water or this crème. From morning to night my undereye area is moisturized & feels supple  (ie: Time Response).
4. La Mer Hydrating Infusion (preps skin to receive moisturizer). This is probably an unnecessary product, but its light serum-like consistency makes my skin glow & feel supple.
5. Image- The Max. I would take Amore Pacific eye cream, water, then this product to my deserted island. Its packed with stem cell technology & nutripeptides to dramatically reduce fine lines & plump skin…& oh it does!
6. Image- Ageless lightening serum (lightens hyperpigmentation). I use this 2 x’s a week to lighten hyperpigmentation from zits (brown spots).
7. Image- Ageless resurfacing mask (a chemical & physical exfoliator). MUST exfoliate to get rid of the dead skin sitting on top of our skin. Without exfoliating, our magical products can’t soak in & do their job.
8. Image- Vital C hydrating enzyme mask. 2 x’s week. I use this to chemically “eat” away at dead skin. When the dead skin is gone, your skin will glow!
9. La Mer crème– I use this when I need to smell something pretty.
10. Image Vital C- hydrating moisturizer– This is my regular moisturizer every night & day. My skin looks like a 12 yr old when I put this on- so firm & shiny!
11. Image- Ageless Retinol-A – this is the key to wrinkle prevention!! 4 x’s week. Its drying, so I have to be careful & only use a pea-size, but this is my skin insurance for later in life. It promotes cell turnover, forcing cells to renew, boost collagen, unclog pores & keep skin looking firm. Every woman should have some form of Retinol-A in her arsenal. Seriously.
12. Image- Ageless total pure hyaluronic acid– Plumps & fills lines. Its full of hyaluronic acid, potent Vitamin E & B5= PURE HYDRATION.
13. Image- Total anti-aging serum (apple stem cells). I layer this over The Max serum. Its full of alpha hydroxyl acids, apple stem cell technology & protects cells against stress- my skin is GLOWING with this goop!
14. Crème de la Mer sunscreen (broad spectrum) – my FAVORITE sunscreen everrrrrrr. Super moisturizing, but doesn’t clog pores & smells oh-so pretty.



These products are just what I use (bc they’re friggin AWESOME). I would recommend seeing an esthetician for recommendations on your individual skincare needs.

-Allison Pynn




In Arizona, I buy my Image products from If outside Arizona, visit I buy La Mer at Neiman Marcus & Amore Pacific -Gold line from The Cos Bar (in Arizona).





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