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A lot of us get stuck in old habits! Makeup colors and tricks you used 10+ years are probably out of date…is this you? Time to hit the makeup counter! Get a quick up-to-date refresher!!

~Brightly colored eyeshadows/shimmer shadows are for costume makeup looks, not for daily use…save them for a night out!

~Blush color should look like it is coming through the skin, not sitting on top of the skin. Don’t over apply! Also, the proper place for your blush is on the apples of your cheeks-ONLY. Never apply your blush under the cheekbones. If you’re needing cheekbone definition, try using a bronzer here.

~Thin, sharp eyebrow lines are not a good look!  I call them the “Sharpie Marker” eyebrow- eck! Try using eyeshadow (soft to dark cool brown…if you’re a red-head use a light warm reddish/brown) and an angled brush to create a softer eyebrow design.

~Never use a lip liner that is darker than the lipstick or lipgloss color you’re planning to use. Try to match them as closely as possible or use a nude liner, regardless of the lip color. This way when the lipstick/gloss fades, you don’t have an obvious lip outline.
~If you use foundation, remember your skin color changes as the year progresses. You’ll likely be lighter in the winter & darker in the summer. Its best to buy a winter foundation & a summer foundation to match your current skin tone.

~Lining your inner, lower lash line will make your eyes look smaller. If you already have small eyes, this will make them look smaller & beady. Unless you’re doing a smokey eye, keep eye liner on your upper lash line only. Try using eyeshadow below if you’re wanting a little definition.

~The only mascara color you should be using is BLACK or BROWN. …The Exception: if you’re 39 or under, you get a free pass to try a trendy mascara for a night look! Makeup should always be age-appropriate.

~Clumpy mascara, giving your lashes a “spider legs” appearance should be avoided at all costs! Have a lash separator handy after you apply each coat of mascara.

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  1. lip gloss makes lips fuller to some extent..lip plumpers provides a extra full impact that is extra desirable..

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