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1. EXFOLIATE! A face that hasn’t been exfoliated will not absorb moisture properly and won’t be a good canvas for makeup application. Exfoliate atleast 1-2 times per week.

2. MOISTURIZE!MUST, MUST, MUST! Skin that lacks moisture will have a dull and dry apprearance. Moisurized skin looks and feels the best, makeup settles into the skin beautifully, and it minimizes the apprearance of pores. A good moisturized face will help you achieve that supple, dewy look that is so beautiful! I find that the best moisturizers have the least amount of ingredients/chemicals. If you’re using acne products, you can still use a great natural moisturizer over the acne product. Let the product settle in the skin for about 15 minutes and then layer your moisturizer on top.

3. BRUSHES You’ve got to own a good set of brushes or it’s nearly impossible to do good makeup. A descent set of brushes will allow you to blend your makeup properly and achieve a softer look (whether it’s a day or night look). Every makeup brush has a specific purpose and once you find the right ones, the time it takes you to apply makeup will be cut in half. The right brushes are essential to being your own makeup artist!

4. FOUNDATION I see so many women that are given the wrong foundation or concealer shade by someone at a department store trying to make a sale. Foundations come in either a pink, yellow, or neutral undertone. So many women are give a foundation/concealer with a pink undertone and it is never right for anyone! All foundations should have a yellow or neutral tone, not pink. If you naturally have pink undertones, a pretty, warm golden foundation (that is appropriate for your color) will always look best. Pink undertones will show an obvious streak where you’ve applied it, it gives your skin and unhealthy appearance, and it never compliments your hair color.

5. BLUSH Everyone needs blush! A pop of color makes everyone look better! It’s the perfect compliment to give you that pretty, flirty, healthy glow. A pinky-peachy color works on almost everyone. The perfect place for your blush is on the apple of your cheek…this is the outermost part of you cheek. Dip your large powder brush into your blush, swirl it around, dust of the excess powder, and make a small-medium circle on the apple of your cheek. Then brush down and back at an angle towards your jaw to blend.

6. EYEBROWS Trends come and go in the eyebrow department, but one thing that is never ok is the “Sharpie Marker” effect. This overdone look is never ok for anyone! We want a soft, defined brow, not a harsh obvious line. To achieve this correctly, I like to use eyeshadow. Get a small angled brush or a small, round detailed brush and pick an eyeshadow color that nearly matches your hair color (or a shade darker…unless you are blonde, then use a soft, light brown). With a light hand, use small outward strokes with your brush in the direction that the hairs grow. If you need more definition, repeat the process and layer the eyeshadow again for more dramatic definition. To create the perfect eyebrow arch: Hold up your brush vertically so that the outer iris of your eye is lined up with your eyebrow. Wherever the top of the brush lays is where your arch should be. You can accentuate this arch by either tweezing the hairs under the arch and/or using your eyeshadow color to fill in and add more definition. Softly feather out the added arch color and blend in short strokes. You can use your powder brush to sweep over your brows and blend what you’ve just done. Remember: the softer, filled brow is always best! Getting a professional brow wax is a great way to get a good brow shape. After that, you can tweeze to keep up the shape.

7. EYELINER – NO MORE EYELINER UNDER THE EYE! Eyeliner, by nature, is waxy and smears easily. It also makes eyes look small, harsh, and beady. When you thought you were getting eye definition by using eyeliner, you’ve actually achieved harsh, smaller-looking eyes. As the day wears on the eyeliner moves around, melts into your skin, and you have that “just punched in the eye” look. You can achieve great eye definition under the eye by using eyeshadow. Also, when you add a little extra face powder under the eye before you define it with eyeshadow, the eyeshadow will last nearly all day. You can use a tan, dark brown, or a fun bright shade if that’s the look you’re going for. You will have a much more softly defined eye and the appearance of bigger, beautiful eyes when you use eyeshadow. Leave the eyeliner for the upper lid!

8. CURL THOSE LASHES It’s all about the eyes! I’m astonished by the number of women that don’t curl their lashes or that don’t even own an eyelash curler. Curling your lashes will open up your eyes tremendously and give you that flirty, feminine touch. If you enjoy lathering on the mascara, but don’t curl your lashes, you’re not doing your mascara any justice! Show off those eyes and give your lashes the appearance of looking twice as long by curling them! Start at the root and give your lashes a gently squeeze. Slowly walk it out squeezing til you get to the tips. Follow with 1-2 coats of mascara and you’ve just found yourself with big, bright eyes and flirty, sexy lashes.

9. UNWANTED HAIRS This is never a pleasant subject, but nevertheless important. If you’ve got unwanted facial hairs, don’t ignore them. Find a local esthetician (or even pick up a drugstore wax or use tweezers) and take that 10 min. out of your day to nip those hairs in the bud! Peach fuzz is one thing (and completely normal), but long dark course hairs coming out of here and there are very distracting and very preventable!

10. BLENDING Blending your makeup is key! You never want to see where one color ends and another begins. Use your brushes and blend, blend, blend!

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