7 Beauty uses for a TOOTHBRUSH!

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Ever thought of your old toothbrush as a beauty tool? Here’s 7 ways you can buff your way to beauty!

1. EXFOLIATE LIPS: Lather lips with my favorite Eucerin Aquaphor & gently buff lips in small circles. Rinse lips clean & follow up with your favorite lip balm. mmmm…smooth & kissable!

2. TAME FLYAWAYS: Spray toothbrush with hairspray & smooth flyaways or keep bangs in place (without getting product on your forehead).

3. BROW TAMER: Spritz toothbrush with spray gel & smooth over unruly eyebrows to keep them in place for the day.

4. LASHES: In a pinch & no lash separator handy? Use a toothbrush to separate lashes after mascara is applied.

5. BAD TAN: Add a little lemon juice to toothbrush & buff away tan stains on fingers & palm of hands.

6. EXFOLIATE FACE: This is controversial, but can be effective with a soft baby toothbrush…use soft toothbrush to buff around the folds of your nose, chin & forehead (skip on sensitive or thin skin).

7. BUFF THE RUFF: Use your toothbrush to exfoliate the rough skin on heels, knees & elbows. Follow up with moisturizer.

Think twice about tossing your old toothbrush- it could become a VERY useful tool in your beauty-bag of tricks! -Allison Pynn

(FINE PRINT: OBVIOUSLY don’t use the same toothbrush to exfoliate your face that you spray hair products on!)

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  1. Sandra Saj says:

    Hi Allison, I love your reading your blogs! thank you for sharing your
    wonderful tips that help me out tremendously! Please keep them coming
    because I’m really starting to depend on them!!:)))
    Sandra Saj

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