12 Ways to Look More Expensive (despite your bank account)!

Dec 12th, 2012 // In: Makeup Tips // By: Comments 0

Here are 12 ways to look more polished & high maintenance

 1. Add a heel to your ensemble. Heels look more sophisticated than your Uggs, trust me.

2. Use dark nail polish. A darker tone looks more chic & bold.

3. Use shine spray/serum in your hair. Shiny hair looks well maintained & makes your haircut look more expensive.

4. Great skin. If you’re able to have regular facials, do so- If not, keep your skin exfoliated every week & invest in a good moisturizer with retinol (don’t forget the SPF!).

5. Wear fake lashes. Fake lashes (especially the long individuals) look more glamorous & sultry.

6. Use oil to moisturize your body. Shiny skin looks sexy & well moisturized (its an illusion that works!)

7. Wear lipstick instead of lipgloss. Lipstick says “take me seriously” & looks more sophisticated than gloss.

8. Try a sleek hair ‘do. Make a deep side part, smooth the sides & pull into a low sleek ponytail. **if you’re feeling sassy, make it a low side ponytail!

9. Keep makeup clean & simple. Unless you’re an expert with your makeup, keep it simple & you’ll look more polished.

10. Buy clothes that fit. No need to toss your skinny jeans or prego pants (just in case!), but when you’re out & about, wear clothes that actually fit your body type.

11. Make your iron or steamer your new best friend. Well-pressed clothes look straight from the dry cleaners & add polish to any look.

12. POSTURE! Keep your shoulders back, chin up & walk with confidence…you’ll look like a million bucks!

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