11 Foods to Make Your Skin Glow!

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Glow from the inside OUT with these skin friendly foods!


Salmon, foods in high Omega-3 fatty acids

– Sweet potatoes, rich in Beta Carotene

– Watermelon, heavy in carotenoids & helps protect skin from sunburn

– Kiwi/Oranges/Grapefruit, contains vitamin C to keep skin rich & youthful

– Dark Chocolate, high in cocoa flavanols- helps protect skin, increases blood flow to the skin, improving its appearance.

– Milk, keeps teeth strong & supports a strong pretty jawbone

– Broccoli, Vitamin C, keeps gums healthy

– Yogurt, great source of protein, helps stimulate fat metabolism

– Oysters, contains Zinc- keeps hair & scalp healthy

– Nuts/Seeds, Vitamin E- helps reduce skin flare-ups

– Dark Leafy Greens, antioxidant rich- helps keep a blemish-free, radiant complexion

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